Bed Bugs (Common in Ellis County)

Battle with Bed Bugs: Essential Knowledge and Control

Bed bugs are parasitic pests that feed exclusively on blood. While their primary hosts are humans, these pests aren’t averse to feeding on animals either. These small, nocturnal pests undergo five developmental stages before reaching maturity, requiring a blood meal at each stage to proceed. Unfed bed bugs appear flat and broad-oval, but after feeding, they become swollen and elongated.

The Silent Biting Menace

Bed bugs inject their saliva into their host, which has a numbing effect, allowing them to feed unnoticed. This stealthy feeding often leaves behind a distinct pattern of three bites in a row, colloquially referred to as “breakfast, lunch, and dinner”. These bites usually appear on skin exposed during sleep, such as upper and lower extremities. While some people can have allergic reactions to bed bug saliva, most don’t, and fortunately, there is no evidence that bed bugs carry diseases like other pests do.

Risk Factors and Infestations

If you are active in traveling, visiting garage sales, or participating in swap sites, your risk of encountering bed bugs is relatively high. As Dallas/Ft. Worth ranks seventh in the nation for bed bug infestations, vigilance is critical. Unlike other pests, bed bugs aren’t outdoor invaders – they’re hitchhikers, introduced from outside environments. Once inside, they can go unnoticed for months while breeding and infesting a space. And they’re not limited to mattresses – bed bugs can nest in virtually any small gap, crack, or crevice.

Detecting and Treating Bed Bugs

Beyond spotting the bugs themselves, discovering evidence of their presence is crucial in finding their nesting sites. This evidence can include blood spots on bedding, black or brownish fecal spots on mattresses or bed frames, tiny white pill-shaped eggs, and skin sheds resembling those of a snake. If you’re experiencing bites or skin irritations but can’t find any of these signs, it’s possible that something other than bed bugs could be causing them.

Cross Country Pest Control: Your Ally in Bed Bug Battles

If you suspect a possible bed bug infestation in your home or business, don’t hesitate to contact our office today. At Cross Country Pest Control, we have the expertise to diagnose and treat these nocturnal nuisances, giving you peace of mind and ensuring your environment remains pest-free.

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